Buchbinder Website Relaunch

Initial situation

With more than 2,500 employees and a strong network of 150 city and airport stations in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia and northern Italy, Buchbinder is one of the largest rental car providers in Europe. That's why the Buchbinder corporate website with all tools for a successful rental car reservation is an important but also critical success factor. Only with a sufficient booking numbers can Buchbinder fulfill its own ambitious growth targets. This was not sufficiently possible with the old website, for technical and design. In the pitch for the major client, Buchbinder Rent-a-Car, move:elevator prevailed against some of the top ten agencies in Germany. Having completed the career website, the full-service agency was now also tasked with launching the new website the car rental company.

Task focus and objective

The requirements for move:elevator in the implementation of the TYPO3 website were a stronger recognition value, user-friendliness and an improved customer journey. The corporate design had to be modernized and a new information architecture for the site had to be set up. On the technical side, it was essential to improve the SEO performance and the page speed. All these elements serve the purpose of creating a powerful platform for the company that can compete for car hire customers at the highest level.

Idea, strategy and implementation

After the pitch victory, in order to increase the long-term economic success for the company, the brand Buchbinder was first sharpened in co-creative IT workshops. For this purpose, move:elevator invited the different trades and hierarchical levels of Buchbinder in order to collect and analyze the technical and content insights and to develop the suitable UX- / Design strategy. The mobile first approach applies to all aspects of the project. Most important factor: user experience, which serves to present the complex content in a concise and easily absorbable way. This is particularly relevant for the booking route. The design is responsive, user-friendliness is paramount, and a clear structure drives the company's performance forward. The entry into a booking should be as fast as possible for the customer. Always in focus: the special offers from Buchbinder. On the website, the big, emotional header advertises current seasonal promotions. In revising the design, emphasis was placed on the testimony of the customers, who have always regarded Buchbinder as "those with the red dot".

In order to support the claim "mobile to the point", the red dot as a visual anchor point has clearly become the center of attention. In the revision of the CD a clear visual language was chosen. Large, emotional images now show people and vehicles in their natural environment and tell real stories. The technical implementation included the front and backend development, the setting up of the new TYPO3 system, the optimization of all technical processes, the use of monitoring tools such as Google Tag and Structured Data, the implementation of the Google Map with all locations and much more. With the content management system TYPO3, customers can now manage their own content.

The duration for the implementation of all these measures was about a year.The pitch of move:elevator was convincing. The agency beat six competitors and the new formart website that was presented in the competition garnered so much appreciation that no significant changes were necessary in the further implementation, neither conceptually nor graphically. The repositioning of the brand was adopted by the customer both enthusiastically and unchanged.

Results / success of the measure

The new website achieved very good results right from the start. After the relaunch, the company's sales increased by a strong 15 percent. The number of unique visitors has also already increased by 5 percent. Most importantly, the average basket is 30 percent larger than before. The reasons for this are the optimized SEO measures, the user-friendliness and the improved page speed, which is so good that there is hardly any loss of visitors due to the structure of the page. The best in Google Page Speed, which have already been achieved, are 97 points on the desktop and 85 points on the mobile devices.


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